Solid Extruded Brass Hardware

About Vertex Hinges

VERTEX has over fifty years experience in manufacturing brass builder's hardware. Over time the company directed focus to its engineering strengths leading to product manufacture by machining brass extrusions (profiles) to close tolerances.

Currently VERTEX offers a comprehensive selection of solid extruded brass

  • Door and cabinet hinges
  • Surface bolts
  • Cylindrical ball catches
  • Box hardware


VERTEX hinges are manufactured from extruded brass sections.

While there are alternate ways like casting and stamping to manufacture hinges, extruded hinges offer unique strength and accuracy characteristics.

VERTEX uses high quality raw materials that offer excellent machinability and finish.

To successfully cater to international markets, VERTEX based its hinge manufacturing along British and North American standards. VERTEX has taken the best features that these standards have to offer and bundled them into what VERTEX hinges are today.

VERTEX can handle just about any size manufacturing jobs. It has mass produced hinges for leading manufacturers around the world and also successfully completed special small projects for custom applications.

While hinges are most often taken for granted, VERTEX knows and respects what it takes to make well engineered hinges.

Surface bolts

VERTEX barrel bolts and security bolts are manufactured from extruded brass sections. The sliding round bolts are machined from extruded rods also.

The bolts are fitted with a stainless steel ball and spring that give VERTEX surface bolts their characteristic smooth and firm movement.

Cylindrical ball catches

VERTEX offers three sizes of cylindrical ball catches machined from extruded brass rods. The catches are fitted with a stainless steel ball and spring that snugly fit the keeper to hold door in place.

VERTEX is committed to providing customers exceptional service and quality products at competitive prices.