Solid Extruded Brass Hardware

Inside Installation (Butt Hinges)

Inside Installation (Butt Hinges) Inside Installation (Butt Hinges)

Materials used

  • Hinges: Solid extruded brass
  • Pins: Solid extruded brass
  • Tip style: Fixed pin without tips


  • Polished brass (lacquered)
  • Polished brass (unlacquered)
  • Satin nickel


Size Open
Length x Width
2" x 1.1/2" 1.1/2" x 1.1/8"
Metal thickness 0.100" 0.100"
Knuckle diameter 5/16" 5/16"
Number of holes 6 4
Wood screw size 4 x 15mm 4x15mm
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Product Description

  • Lid support hinges limit the lid opening to about 95°.
  • Can be used for small box projects like jewelry and cigar boxes.
  • Can be surface mounted or mortised.