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Jewelry Box Hinges

(Small continuous hinges)

Materials used

Hinges: Solid extruded brass
Pins: Extruded brass


Polished brass (lacquered)
Polished brass (unlacquered)
Satin nickel


Size Open
Length x Width
4" x 1.1/8" 4" x 7/8"
Metal thickness 0.063" 0.063"
Knuckle diameter 1/4" 1/4"
Number of holes 8 8
Wood screw size 4 x 5/8" 4 x 5/8"


Key features of VERTEX Jewelry Box Hinges

  • Accurately machined to close tolerances.
  • Controlled interface clearances for improved hinge performance, minimal wear between knuckles and extended hinge life.
  • Available with non-removable fixed pins.
  • Polished on special purpose machines designed to polish brass extrusions and then individually hand finished to give high luster brilliance.