Solid Extruded Brass Hardware

Cabinet Hinges

Key features of VERTEX Cabinet Hinges

  • Accurately machined to close tolerances
  • Controlled interface clearances for improved hinge performance, minimal wear between knuckles and extended hinge life.
  • Available with removable pins and non-removable fixed pins.
  • Removable floating pins.
  • Threaded and removable tips.
  • Polished on special purpose machines designed to polish brass extrusions and then individually hand finished to give high luster brilliance.


Standard Range Cabinet Hinge Narrow Range Cabinet Hinge
Standard Range Narrow Range

Materials used

  • Hinges: Solid extruded brass
  • Pins: Extruded brass
  • Tips: Solid brass


  • Polished brass (lacquered)
  • Polished brass (unlacquered)
  • Antique brass
  • Satin nickel
  • Satin brass